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As a professionally qualified Body Control Pilates Teacher I have spent many years improving my knowledge of various aspects of the Pilates method of exercise as developed by Joseph Pilates.

Pilates has become my passion and as a Body Control teacher my clients all benefit from a nationally recognised quality standard in Pilates.

The Pilates Method conditions and re-aligns the body, targeting deep postural muscles. In doing so, it will assist in improving posture, increasing mobility and flexibility, building strength, and relieving unwanted stress and tension. This all leads to body awareness.

Located in quiet comfortable surroundings, in a dedicated studio in the centre of Skipton, I offer group Pilates Matwork sessions as well as focused one to one teaching. 

Pilates works for every age, body type and level of fitness. Quite simply...
every “body” can benefit from Pilates.

Please browse my website for more information about Body Control Pilates and the benefits it can bring you. Do get in touch for an informal chat, further information or to make a booking.

I look forward to working with you.

Liz Cairney

“Physical fitness
is the first requisite
for happiness”

Joseph Pilates