From being a participant for many years to becoming a teacher, I am truly passionate about the benefits Pilates can achieve.

As a successful Company Director, the many pressures and tensions typically associated with the business world came with the role. Pilates, for me, was the way in which I escaped that stressful lifestyle and I soon became aware of the effects it was having on my body. Pilates helped me deal with the demands of work in a much more effective way, easing tension, helping me to relax and giving me a greater physical and mental strength to cope with such pressures.

Having experienced such positive effects from Pilates, I decided to change direction and re-align my working life! And so, I turned my personal passion into my new profession and trained as a Pilates Teacher.

Being a fully qualified Body Control Pilates teacher, which means I have gone through in-depth levels of training, and very important for my clients, I work to a code of practice which governs teaching standards, professional ethics and on-going education.

I love what I do; the huge benefits I see, the impact that this method of exercise can have on my client's lives – literally changing the way they do things for the better – gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact me for an initial chat or for more information on 07867 976403.

“This is what learning is.
You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way”

Doris Lessing